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levi x eren

I Decided to put all these together instead of separate parts like I had originally. All parts are still scattered throughout the SnK section though. ~This is a yaoi+if u don't like please don't watch..I don't own the song or the heidilindquist.se don't flag. Eren's used to having his sanity questioned when people find out his choice of partner. Dating an alien, oh that was just fine. But when they were told which type  ‎Levi/Eren Yeager Smut · ‎Levi/Eren Yeager-centric · ‎Levi/Eren Yeager Fluff.

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He strutted to the door but stopped before exiting. No it was nothing like that. Chuckling evilly to myself, I head down to my midget boyfriend's office. Unlike the characters in 50 shades, Eren and Levi are accustomed to violence but are not abusive, they are familiar with their boundaries. I personally just like writing about those two, so I decided to combine them. More insight of Levi's view on Eren Did you do another experiment on Eren and hurt him or someone else?

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Sitting down on the edge of a random table in the room, I cross my legs, and look at them expectantly. Before you have my head for this, allow me to explain. For some reason he blacked out as well once Eren touched him. She continued without even the slightest waver in her voice, "Why do you pick on him so much? Your breathing was deep and even, an evident sign you still resided in your peaceful slumber. Crossing his arms as well, he glared at Eren; well technically himself. Levi follows suite, and sits next to me as well.

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It is a pity, that now I can not express - there is no free time. But I will return - I will necessarily write that I think.